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This is not your father’s dictionary. Words come from the across the Internet and the server’s dictionary, ensuring you get a broad and modern range of definitions, usages, and contexts. See synonyms, usage samples, and original sources.

Perfect for when you are reading a book – never skip a word just because your paper dictionary is too far away or because your computer-based dictionary would mean too much of an interruption from your main task – reading. Keep it handy while reading in bed, on the bus, on the couch, but not in the tub.

Some Reviews
“This is much more practical and functional than the other dictionary apps”

“The pairing of the word definition with other online references like Wikipedia is a nice touch.”

Unique Features
- See word popularity. Hint: “Ubiquitous” is #1
- See how many times a word has been looked up by other people.
- Get your definitions from multiple sources, including Wikipedia.
- Touch the word’s source to visit the web site that originally defined the word, such as that word’s Wikipedia page.
- See how many times you have already looked up a given word.

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iPhone screenshot: Looking up 'elegant'

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iPhone screenshot: the many definitions of 'fear'

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iPhone screenshot: one definition of 'fear'

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iPhone screenshot: another definition of 'fear'

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iPhone screenshot: The Wikipedia(R) entry (if applicable)