Time to Eat
Taming the kitchen timer
How much is this meeting costing the company? What about costing society?

I designed TimeToEat to help bring a little calmness to the kitchen. When I cook big meals, I’m typically tracking a several things at once, like the sauce on the stove, the sauce next to it, the dessert in the oven, and the wine chilling in the freezer that I forgot to start chilling properly earlier in the day. TimeToEat has four distinct countdown timers, plus a summary screen to track each one.

Unique Feature
* Four countdown times in one application.
* Each timer has its own screen.
* A front page gives summary information.
* Navigate to each timer by either tapping the dots at the top, by swiping, or by the right-arrow on the front page.
* Enter a note for each timer, like “Sauce” or “Rice.” This note is also shown on the front page.
* Easy Start, Pause, & Restart, even on the summary page.
* Keep track of when you started a timer.
* Keep track of elapsed time, even if you paused the timer.
* Displays the Completion Time to quickly help you plan other prep times.
* A “Test Your Alarm Button” on every page to help avoid the otherwise real risk of not hearing an alarm on accidentally muted device.

iPhone Screenshot 1

iPhone Screenshot 2

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